Protect Your Identity
with WHOISguardians

  • Protect your identity
  • Reduce SPAM mail
  • Prevent domain hijacking
  • Maintain your privacy

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Protect Your Identity with WHOISguardians

A domain name is always associated with its registrant and the registrants personal information is automatically stored in the publicly available WHOIS database. Unless protected by a WHOIS privacy service your identity and personal details can be looked up freely by anyone using the WHOIS database. This makes your data available not just to marketing companies but also to ill-intended spammers and domain and identity thieves.

WHOISguardians offers a WHOIS protection services shielding your identity and personal information. Once protected by our services the WHOIS database will reflect our contact details when someone looks up your domain name. We keep your identity and personal information away from the public sphere and forward all legitimate emails and flat post directly to you.

WHOIS Privacy Benfits

  • Keeps your identity safe
  • Keeps personal information private
  • Protects againt identity theft
  • Protects against domain hijacking
  • Reduces domain-related SPAM mail
  • Reduces direct marketing spills
  • Stops stalkers and harrassers
  • Voice your opinions safely

Prevent identity theft

No more Spam Mail

Information Privacy

Your domain's public WHOIS record will reflect our postal address and contact details not yours, keeping identity thieves and spammers from accessing to your private information via the WHOIS Lookup
We provide your domain with a generic email address and forward all emails directly to you. You chose if we should filter your emails reducing the amount of SPAM and marketing you receive.
Your identity is kept private and we do not disclose your personal information unless required to do so by law, in order to comply with legal procedures or if we need to resolve abuse or infringement claims.